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Hello :)

Welcome to my website that I specifically created to showcase my art I've created over the past 10 years. My name is Shea Jasmine Peters, born and raised Floridian.

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My Story

I have been creating since I can first remember. From painting to scrapbooking to sketching animal to braiding macramé. You name it I've dabbled in it.  Fortunately at a young age my parents encouraged my creative side and put me in painting classes at the Elliot Museum in Stuart, Florida.  My late art teacher was Meg Winter who was very inspiring and had a great impact on the painter I am today. I am blessed to have learned so much from her at such a young age. Through out middle school and high school I still continued to create. I started to explore in the world of photoshop and television production. After graduating high school at Jensen Beach High, I continued my education at Indian River State College to successfully receive my Associates in Art. 

During the time of going to college, I attended multiple music and arts festivals.  I was very intrigued how artists were so accepted and successful in this scene.  I soon got myself involved attending small clubs from Miami to Tampa live painting.  I would attend special concert events to share my art.  I then started to live paint are smaller music and arts festivals.  

Then covid happened which put a pause on traveling and spreading my art.  In that time I spent time healing and finding myself more in my art figuring out my direction.  Ive done custom pieces for people and for myself.  I am currently exploring a new chapter of life wit my art by vending and spreading my art locally in the town I live in.  

I have plans to do more with my art. Little by little I hope to share my art with so many others.  Life is good! Thank you for reading and visiting my showcase of art.  

- Shea <3


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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